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Brand Overview:

BEBONE was established in 2006, specialized in Home Products. As a professional manufacturer of plastic foladble stools, step stools, baby chairs and the household items, we developed with a diligent, efficient and responsible team from the workshop to trading with the best service ever. Every strict step of the production process ensures that you will get the ordered products with very good quality. Our commodities go to every corner of the world, especially in the market of Japan, South East Asia, EU and USA, with high praise from our customers.

To be or not to be,that is not a question, We are always looking forward to be a better business parther for you.

Make it a convenient and happy life-Bebone can always be a good choice for you.


To instill customer service and quality parameters in all aspects of our business to ensure that our customers receive the best quality product as well as service in our industry.

Focusing on Business Units for our various product ranges to ensure that our customers and products receive the best possibility.


Our experienced Marketing Team ensures that we are at the forefront of the market all the time,to all stakeholders.


BEBONE is one of the most successful suppliers of the household items. The commitment of the staff,together with the infrastructure, will ensure the success of this company well into the future. All our customers can rest assured of our commitment and continued growth from strength to strength within the industry.